[DECtalk] singing Dectalk and NVDA

Mohamed malhajamy at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 18:54:16 EST 2016

It's in addons\dectalk\synthdrivers, not in synth drivers. The code is 
commented in the .py file itself, so it should be easy to find. Also, 
about the symbol pronunciation dialog, it has 3 combo boxes for symbols. 
The symbol, its replacement, and preserve. If you want something to go 
to the synthesizer, the combo box itself is labeled "send actual symbol 
to synthesizer", you set it to always for the proper symbols. Or, if you 
would like a dictionary pre built, there's one at 
http://jeff.tdrealms.com/NVDA.htm. Just find the addon labeled "singing 
dectalk", it contains instructions on how to get it to work. And the 
shortcut to access the NVDA menu can be changed in input gestures, in 
the filter by combo box, search for NVDA.

On 02/15/16 05:36 PM, Blake Roberts wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having trouble getting the Singing Dectalk NVDA add-on to sing. I 
> tried following the instructions posted in September and archived here:
> http://bluegrasspals.com/pipermail/dectalk/2015-September/004408.html
> I can't find dectalk.py so that I can edit it and delete the line 
> which prevents speech commands being sent to the synthesizer. Where is 
> dectalk.py located? I already looked in the synth drivers folder.
> I also have an NVDA question on Snoopi's behalf. He has the latest 
> NVDA snapshot and the singing Dectalk add-on installed. Is it possible 
> to set up a keyboard shortcut to load the NVDA menu? It is difficult 
> for him to enter the NVDA menu using the standard command. It is also 
> worth noting that Snoopi and I are both lost Re: the punctuations and 
> symbols dialog box.
> Blake
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