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Christian christian08 at runbox.com
Sun May 12 13:34:42 EDT 2013

I am also very interested in this.
I also read about Vocaloid, but I don't find a demo of it.
Would like to try it as well, just to see how it is.
Many thanks,

On 2013-05-12 at 10:10 Alfredo's Desktop computer wrote:

>In regards to VocalWriter, I am considering to start some kind of a 
>protest, but not sure where to start. All people do is talk about how 
>inaccessible do, but few take action, and I am the kind of person who 
>wants things to be done. Excuse my raving and ranting, but such things 
>are not acceptable. If we cannot make them make it accessible, we must 
>do it ourselves. Surely we can augment our senses to read what we could 
>not, but it will need practice. Has anyone tried making Apple scripts 
>for it?
>Now, I recently got a hold of Vocaloid Version 3, and although most of 
>the menus and things work fine, the Items view in Windows Seven Home 
>Premium X-64 makes it impossible to navigate with NVDA and I have to use 
>file name directories and object flat review to do what I want. I was 
>able to load a MIDI into the synthesiser, but only managed to make it 
>hum using the Lilly voice, and have no way to change it. Seriously there 
>are a lot of things that are not accessible and I think we need to do 
>something about it, not just sit around and complain.
>Sorry if my talk has upset anyone, but it is the truth. Any other help 
>on finding solutions would be appreciated. I am still on the hunt for 
>those interesting songs Flint made with VocalWriter.
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