[DECtalk] Singing Computers

Allhp allhp at rambler.ru
Sun May 12 16:33:17 EDT 2013


As I understand, vocal writer is intended for writing songs using Dectalk. 
If so, I don't think, that We must do it accessible, because programming 
dectalk manually is much more flexible. You also can try to use libraries 
for kontakt sampler such as East west symphonic choirs. To use kontakt You 
must have sonar and JSonar scripts. Also You should have native keys 
scripts. As far as I know, the free lite version supports only kontakt 3. If 
you want to use kontakt 4 or 5, You must buy the pro version. These scripts 
don't support the symphonic choirs itself, so You just should load it to the 
kontakt sampler and then use special mfx plugin. This plugin is also not 
scripted, but quite accessible. also support many other popular VST plugins. 
Scripts are maintained primarily in Russian, but there is an English 
version. To get lite version, try to use this link:
If this link contains only russian version, contact the main developer at 
music888 at rambler.ru. His name is Victor Gorelov. He will be glad to help 

Dmitry S. Budnikov AKA Allhp. 

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