[DECtalk] Singing Computers

Alfredo's Desktop computer birdlover2002 at hotmail.com
Sun May 12 13:10:59 EDT 2013

In regards to VocalWriter, I am considering to start some kind of a 
protest, but not sure where to start. All people do is talk about how 
inaccessible do, but few take action, and I am the kind of person who 
wants things to be done. Excuse my raving and ranting, but such things 
are not acceptable. If we cannot make them make it accessible, we must 
do it ourselves. Surely we can augment our senses to read what we could 
not, but it will need practice. Has anyone tried making Apple scripts 
for it?
Now, I recently got a hold of Vocaloid Version 3, and although most of 
the menus and things work fine, the Items view in Windows Seven Home 
Premium X-64 makes it impossible to navigate with NVDA and I have to use 
file name directories and object flat review to do what I want. I was 
able to load a MIDI into the synthesiser, but only managed to make it 
hum using the Lilly voice, and have no way to change it. Seriously there 
are a lot of things that are not accessible and I think we need to do 
something about it, not just sit around and complain.
Sorry if my talk has upset anyone, but it is the truth. Any other help 
on finding solutions would be appreciated. I am still on the hunt for 
those interesting songs Flint made with VocalWriter.

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