[Blindapple] How to make ProDOS system programs talk

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It has been a long time since I messed with that.  I think there 
was one prodos program I had to modify.  I don't recall how I 
saved it for sure, but I do recall that I had to change fe89 to 
ea which is a no op, and fe93 to a no op.  The program does a jsr 
fe89 and a jsr to fe93 which blows away speech.  That is all I 
can remember for sure.  Probably not much help.  I remember 
gointo the monitor mode to do this, but not much else.

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I have a ProDOS disk with system programs on it that I have 
copied to a
hard disk image. The problem is that executing any system program 
speech. Yes, even basic.system is affected. That problem is easy 
to solve, because startup, which is the default BASIC program 
starts with basic.system can start with a line that says


or otherwise,


can be typed blindly at a prompt. The Davex shell specifically 
looks for
pt.obj in the same folder where it runs, but then running any 
system program from the shell again stops speech until the system
program is terminated. I don't seem to recall having this problem 
the software I had back in the day when I used an Apple //e at 
but there must have been something obvious that I knew of then 
that I
have since forgotten. Is there any way at all to run system 
for example from the latest ProDOS 4.2.2 disk, and keep Textalker
running at the same time or force it to be reloaded so that 
utilities actually speak?


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