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Thanks for these disks. Please consider this my virtual mailer 
containing all these disks returned to you so I can receive the next 
year's issues, my subscription fee for 1987, and a Braille or cassette 
note telling you there are some things I want to talk about.

I was very happy to find the beginnings of an assembly language 
tutorial. While I know some assembly language, I'm always looking for 
ways to learn more. I already have the SC Macro Assembler, which has 
been made freeware by SC. I've made a disk image of SC Macro Assembler 
for DOS 3.3 which comes up talking, if anyone wants it. I also have many 
issues of Apple Assembly Line as text files, as well as disk images of 
the examples and whatnot.

I also have ProntoDOS, which has also been made freeware by the authors. 
Yes, it definitely speeds up disk access. I assume the reason you didn't 
use it for Apple Talk was that you didn't want to license it having 
already licensed DOS 3.3 from Apple? Also, some programs/tricks might 
not be compatible with ProntoDOS, although most do work.

I know I'm probably forgetting something, and it'll come to me right 
after the virtual mailman picks up the virtual envelope with this letter 
in it. Who'd have thought that this stuff would be discussed via an 
instant communications method thirty-one years later?



On 7/26/2017 11:44 AM, Jeff Weiss wrote:
> Attached is a zip file with the four issues of aTalk for 1986.
> Just unzip them and add them to your aTalk folder.
> Here is some info about these four disks:
>                  A-Talk #5, February, 1986
> Checking for a Key Press--peeks, pokes, and calls article
> Speech Problems--article about problems with earlier
>       version of Textalker
> Omni Reader--hardware review
> Program Review--review of Pronto-DOS
> Assembly Language Tutorial 1--article
> Assemblers that Talk--article
> Cleanup--utility
> Football--game
> Guessing Games--game
> Typing Teacher--program
> Rick's Calendar--program
>                    A-Talk #6, May, 1986
> Apple Calls--peeks, pokes, and calls article
> Basic Loops--basic tutorial article
> Bug Spray--something that just can't be avoided
> D Code Review--software review
> Ascii Finder--program which acts as tutorial on ascii codes
> Assembly Language Tutorial 2--article
> Change Greeter--DOS utility
> Geography--game
> Oregon Trail--game
>                   A-Talk #7, August, 1986
> Ramworks Review--hardware review
> Speak Up--comments from readers
> Ascii Table--table showing ascii values
> ProDOS Memory Locations--peeks, pokes, and calls article
> Assembly Language Tutorial 3--article
> Hex Converter--utility
> Calendar--program
> Catalog Stopper--DOS utility
> Market Crash--game
> Spell the States--game
>                  A-Talk #8, November, 1986
> Eighty Column Display--peeks, pokes, and calls article
> DOS Files with Illegal Names--DOS tutorial
> The New Textalker--article explaining new features contained
>       in Textalker 3.1.1 and 3.1.1P
> Dynasty--game
> Spelling Game--game
> Smurk--adventure game
> Four Voices--music program
> Dec Hex--utility exec program
> Apple Sounds--demonstration program
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