[Blindapple] aTalk disks for 1986

Jeff Weiss jeff-weiss at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 26 11:44:53 EDT 2017

Attached is a zip file with the four issues of aTalk for 1986.
Just unzip them and add them to your aTalk folder.
Here is some info about these four disks:

                A-Talk #5, February, 1986
Checking for a Key Press--peeks, pokes, and calls article
Speech Problems--article about problems with earlier
     version of Textalker
Omni Reader--hardware review
Program Review--review of Pronto-DOS
Assembly Language Tutorial 1--article
Assemblers that Talk--article
Guessing Games--game
Typing Teacher--program
Rick's Calendar--program

                  A-Talk #6, May, 1986
Apple Calls--peeks, pokes, and calls article
Basic Loops--basic tutorial article
Bug Spray--something that just can't be avoided
D Code Review--software review
Ascii Finder--program which acts as tutorial on ascii codes
Assembly Language Tutorial 2--article
Change Greeter--DOS utility
Oregon Trail--game

                 A-Talk #7, August, 1986
Ramworks Review--hardware review
Speak Up--comments from readers
Ascii Table--table showing ascii values
ProDOS Memory Locations--peeks, pokes, and calls article
Assembly Language Tutorial 3--article
Hex Converter--utility
Catalog Stopper--DOS utility
Market Crash--game
Spell the States--game

                A-Talk #8, November, 1986
Eighty Column Display--peeks, pokes, and calls article
DOS Files with Illegal Names--DOS tutorial
The New Textalker--article explaining new features contained
     in Textalker 3.1.1 and 3.1.1P
Spelling Game--game
Smurk--adventure game
Four Voices--music program
Dec Hex--utility exec program
Apple Sounds--demonstration program
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