[Blindapple] Resending Jeff Weiss's message and first issue of Apple Talk

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very nice

On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 7:01 PM, Jayson Smith <jaybird at bluegrasspals.com>

> There is a zip file at the following URL:
> http://bluegrasspals.com/atalk01.zip
> Inside this file you will find 4 things:
> 1 a directory called aTalk which you should place in your c:\messapple-win
> folder.
> 2 in side the aTalk folder is the first issue of Apple Talk called
> aTalk01.dsk. I hope to supply all 20 issues and some other stuff to put in
> this aTalk folder.
> 3 a batch file called at.bat which should be placed in the main
> messapple-win directory.
> To use this file to boot the aTalk01.dsk, you only have to type:
> at 01
> Notice that there is a space after at, and you need two digits for each
> issue of the magazine.
> 4 there is another batch file called at2. This works just like the first
> batch file for the loading the issue of aTalk, but then you can space and
> put any other disk name for a disk that you have placed in the aTalk
> folder. If you wanted to boot the aTalk01.dsk and also load another
> disk(say with Fid on it) called dosutils.dsk, you would enter the following:
> at2 01 dosUtils
> Again, notice the spaces after the batch file name, and after the name of
> the first disk which here is 01.
> I hope this is helpful and I hope you enjoy the magazine.
> Jeff Weiss
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