[Blindapple] Using save the states, and knowing when you have to

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sat Nov 2 14:04:59 EDT 2013

Save state is generally used when you want to change disks on a running
emulator. Basically, you save the state of the running machine and
re-run the emulator with one or two different disks using the saved
state. This is especially useful when running the BEX or Braille Edit
images that were originally on double-sided disks, and required removing
the disk from the drive and turning it over to get to the main functions.

I'm not at all familiar with the Mac version of the emulator, but most
of what I do on my Linux machine should work. I believe the only
difference is in the key combination that must be used to access
emulator functions. To use emulator functions, I start by pressing the
delete key, which on my machine is the lower left key in the group of 6
keys just above the arrow keys. Then I press shift+f7 to save the state
of the emulator. At this point, all keystrokes and their functionality
should be the same. Once you tell the emulator that you want to save its
state, press a single character. Generally, it is recommended to use the
number 1 here, although I think you may be able to call a state whatever
you want, as long as you remember the character you used. Now press the
escape key. The emulator will exit at this point, and you will be
returned to the terminal from which you ran it. To insert new disks,
just re-run the emulator the same way you did with the initial disk
images, replacing the disk images you ran the first time with at least
one different disk, e.g. change the image named as -flop1 or -flop2. At
the end of the command line, add -state followed by a space and the
character you typed when saving the state. So the end of your command
line when you started the emulator the first time should have looked like

-flop1 first-image.dsk

Now it should look like

-flop1 second-image.dsk -state x

where x is whatever character you typed when saving the machine state.
The emulator should give you the Apple2ee beep, and you will find
yourself at exactly the place you were in the program you were running
before you saved the state of the emulator, but you will have different
disks in the disk drives. Hope this helps.
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