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Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
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To add to what Kyle says, you can determine how many saved states you have
by looking in the sta/ folder.  You should have sta/apple2ee/1.sta after the
state is saved.  Also, if you do what I do, you can have multiple saved
states.  I have state 1 for DOS 3.3 and 2 for ProDOS.  When I insert a new
disk which I haven't looked at before, I start with state 1 and do a
catalog.  That avoids having to boot the emulated machine every time with a
talking boot disk, save the state, switch disks, etc.  If I get an I/O
error, I exit the emulator and repeat the command but with "2 " instead of
"1", assuming it's a ProDOS disk.  If that still doesn't work, I give up and
go onto the next disk.  Here is a sample command line:

mess apple2ee -flop1 disks\new.dsk -flop2 disks\egames.dsk -state 1

I keep egames.dsk in drive two in case I need Integer.  It's easier to brun
it from the second disk rather than exiting the emulator and having to
repeat the command line with a disk that has Integer on it.  In other words,
I have Integer already available in case I need it.  Obviously, if it's a
ProDOS disk, egames.dsk won't help, but I don't have to access the second
drive at all.  Now that I've found a decent menu program, I usually insert
that disk in the second drive.  I eventually plan to copy Integer and the
menu to a separate boot disk, but I haven't yet.  For some strange reason,
saving the state within fid crashes the Echo and/or the machine itself.

To answer the question about the female voice, yes, your memory is correct.
 You'll need a standard boot disk or you'll have to make sure the machine is
already booted as described above.  Take a look at tt13.dsk.  Ignore the
robot demo as that's useless.  Run the other demo instead and tell me if
that's what you remember.  I've never seen a game that uses the voice, but
it would be cool to find one.

On 11/2/2013 9:24 AM, Joe Quinn wrote:
> How do you know when you have to choose "save states, "and how do you
> choose them on the Mac? And also, how did people get all these disk
> images of old Apple to eat things? This brings me back to grade
> school. I distinctly Remember there was an echo synthesizer with a
> woman voice on it. I just can't remember the game. I think it was a
> math one, and  too flipped the disk to get the woman voice and
> additional games? I used to be afraid of this voice
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