[Blindapple] Looking for an Echo II or Echo Plus synthesizer

Tom Brennan g_brennantg at TITAN.SFASU.EDU
Mon Feb 25 23:03:13 EST 2013

Oh, I have all the original Eamon stuff and got images to run in the IBM.  My
infocom stuff is all original and I've got all the original boxes with all the
stuff in them including all that stuff that wasn't in the games but was only in
the books and things that came in the game boxes.

I'veot all the Infocom stuff on IBM also along with lots of other text adventure
stuff.  I still play them on the Apple as often as not since they tend to run
pretty well for me.

You've got me thinking about Apple stuff.  I'm playing with Sammy Lightfoot not
because I can make that thing talk but because I like the sound effects <g>.


Tom Brennan  KD5VIJ, CCC-A/SLP
web page http://titan.sfasu.edu/~g_brennantg/sonicpage.html

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