[Blindapple] Looking for an Echo II or Echo Plus synthesizer

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As for Eamon, I have some very good news for you. Unless you have disks with 
characters you've worked hard to develop or you've designed your own Eamons 
or utilities, you probably don't need to worry about imaging them. A 
complete set of Eamons for DOS 3.3, as well as sixty or so for ProDos, is 
available from www.eamonag.org. I downloaded a CD they produced with the 
disk images and a ton of other stuff. If you want this, let me know and we 
can work something out.

As for Infocom games, there's probably little need to image them either. The 
games themselves are available from various "warez" sites I'm sure, and I 
also have them. Unless you have some particular reason to play them on an 
Apple, you'd probably have a better experience playing them on a modern 
computer using a modern Z-machine interpreter.

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> I've got an old 10meg hd for my Apple GS.
> Know what you mean about disk damage.  I really do need to be doing 
> something
> about all those disks.  I've just not been making the Apple stuff a 
> priority
> lately <g>.
> Think its time to look through all those Eamon and Infocom games I've got 
> and
> things like House Of Seven Gables and Kidnapped etc. and get that stuff
> somewhere a little more secure than those old disks.
> Tom
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