[Blindapple] Looking for an Echo II or Echo Plus synthesizer

Tom Brennan g_brennantg at TITAN.SFASU.EDU
Mon Feb 25 21:36:03 EST 2013

I've got an old 10meg hd for my Apple GS.

Know what you mean about disk damage.  I really do need to be doing something
about all those disks.  I've just not been making the Apple stuff a priority
lately <g>.

Think its time to look through all those Eamon and Infocom games I've got and
things like House Of Seven Gables and Kidnapped etc. and get that stuff
somewhere a little more secure than those old disks.


Tom Brennan  KD5VIJ, CCC-A/SLP
web page http://titan.sfasu.edu/~g_brennantg/sonicpage.html

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