[Blindapple] Looking for an Echo II or Echo Plus synthesizer

Jayson Smith ratguy at insightbb.com
Mon Feb 25 21:32:47 EST 2013


Wow, sounds like you have quite a collection. ADT only handles 5.25 disks. 
Do you have a hard drive for your Apple, or a CFFA or MicroDrive? If so, you 
could use something like DSK2File from within ProDos to create disk images 
of even 3.5 disks, provided the Apple can read them. Probably wouldn't be a 
bad thing to do anyway, if for no other reason than that sooner or later, 
those old disks are going to start bit rotting away if they haven't already.

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> Jason, I've got ADT somewhere but I'd have to go dig it out.
> I've got thousands of disks of Apple stuff, some original, some copies, 
> and some
> outright crachs.  I've stuff for the //+, //e, //gs, and even a few things 
> for
> the Lisa.  Its mostly on 5.25 disks but some of the GS and Lisa stuff is 
> on 3.5
> disks.
> Tom
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