[Blindapple] Mailing list problems

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 18 03:00:55 EST 2005

Hello to all users of the Blindapple and Dectalk mailing lists.
These mailing lists are currently inoperable.  The reason is quite simple.
A few days ago, Bell South, my ISP, silently started blocking port 25 on my
Internet connection.  This port is used for all incoming mail bound for my
server.  With this port blocked, no mail can reach my server, except from
within my local area network which is how I'm sending this message.  The end
result is that any outside mail sent to any address at jaybird.no-ip.info or
bluegrasspals.com will not arrive.  I am currently trying to come up with a
workaround.  No-ip, the company that is managing my domains since I have a
dynamic IP address, offers a Mail Reflector service where they will pick up
my incoming mail and send it on to me through my SMTP server which I would
expose on a different, unblocked port.  The problem here is, I want mail for
both my domains and they want $40 per domain to activate this service, per
year.  That seems a bit much to pay just for mail!  When will Bell South
start blocking the HTTP port 80?
So, if anybody can think of any better solutions, please Email the address
at the end of this message.  Do not, I repeat, do not, reply to this message
or send mail to the -owner address associated with this list.  Since no
incoming mail is reaching my server, such messages would never be received
so I'd never know about them.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Jayson Smith
ratguy at bellsouth.net

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