[Blindapple] A torrent of Christmas music

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Tue Dec 13 23:14:43 EST 2005

I know this is way off-topic, but I just wanted to invite people to get in
on about thirteen gigabytes of Christmas music of all types.  If you do
this, you can keep what you like and delete the rest.  You probably need a
broadband connection for this to work.  I am not running this, but the
people who are have encouraged everybody to tell their friends about this
This is a Bit Torrent of about thirteen gigabytes of Christmas music.  To
get started, the torrent file is at
Note, this is my website, but I did not originate this torrent.  I am
hosting the torrent file so the main server won't get overloaded with
requests as much as anything else.
If you already have Bit Torrent software installed, and have a bit over
thirteen gigabytes of free disk space, this is all you need to get started.
If not, you can reply or write me off-list and I can give you some pointers
to Bit Torrent clients.  If you don't even know what Bit Torrent is, again,
write me and I'll send back an explanation.

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