[Blindapple] Doubletalk LT

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 2 14:59:38 EST 2004

I assume you're talking about the Doubletalk Lite?  This is a serial speech
synthesizer.  I think when you turn it on it says "Doubletalk Ready".  As
far as I know, there is no way to use it with Textalker.  It is designed to
be used over a serial port, such as with a DOS or Windows screen reader.
You could probably use it as a talking printer on an Apple or something, but
as far as I know, nobody ever wrote a program for the Apple to use a remote
serial device as a speech synthesizer.  Hope this helps.
Also, the Doubletalk products are made by RC Systems, not Raised Dot.

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> Hello list.  I saw in an old Raised Dot Computing newsletter that the
> Doubletalk LT can be used with the PC or Apple II.  I have one sitting
> around here which I am no longer using.  I have the standard Echo cards of
> course, but the Doubletalk does have better speech quality.  How do I set
> this up to work with my Apple?  Currently, my Apple IIe is in storage and
> is impossible to get to, but I hope to have an IIgs one of these days.
> anyone elaborate on Textalker compatibility specifically with the LT?  I
> know that the internal card has an Echo emulation mode, but I was not
> that the external unit had this.  However, the newsletter was clear in
> the LT would work and is compatible with the Echo II.  More details on
> would be very appreciated.
> Also, I understand that I need special software to use the
> Doubletalk.  Where can I obtain it?  Did RDC make this or was it from some
> other source?  I did see on the Bex disk something which apparently loads
> if using the Doubletalk but there were no details.  More on this would be
> appreciated too.  Thanks very much.
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