[Blindapple] Doubletalk LT

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Thu Dec 2 13:52:57 EST 2004

Hello list.  I saw in an old Raised Dot Computing newsletter that the 
Doubletalk LT can be used with the PC or Apple II.  I have one sitting 
around here which I am no longer using.  I have the standard Echo cards of 
course, but the Doubletalk does have better speech quality.  How do I set 
this up to work with my Apple?  Currently, my Apple IIe is in storage and 
is impossible to get to, but I hope to have an IIgs one of these days.  Can 
anyone elaborate on Textalker compatibility specifically with the LT?  I 
know that the internal card has an Echo emulation mode, but I was not aware 
that the external unit had this.  However, the newsletter was clear in that 
the LT would work and is compatible with the Echo II.  More details on this 
would be very appreciated.

Also, I understand that I need special software to use the 
Doubletalk.  Where can I obtain it?  Did RDC make this or was it from some 
other source?  I did see on the Bex disk something which apparently loads 
if using the Doubletalk but there were no details.  More on this would be 
appreciated too.  Thanks very much.

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