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Thu Dec 1 12:33:33 EST 2022


I spoke to Mike Cozz from Colorado, maker of decTalk USB and triple-talk
USB. He said it is ridiculous and laughable that people are going to be sued
for doing what we want with decTalk source code. He also told me right on
the phone that Roger Dudley does not care what we do with the source code.
As far as Mike and Roger are concerned, DecTalk is ours to do with what we
want. They don't even care if we distribute it with NVDA. If you don't
believe me then email me off list and I can have you talk to Mike himself. I
spent a few hours oon the phone with him discussing various tts software and
hardware. Mike and Roger do not care and I heard it myself over the phone
last night from Mike himself. 



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