[DECtalk] Looking for Rare Software Speech Synthesizers

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Wed Sep 15 12:45:53 EDT 2021

Do you have the toshiba voices?
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> On 9/13/2021 2:13 AM, Alex Krier wrote:
>> Hello. I'm trying to see if anyone has any rare software speech 
>> synthesizers
>> (SAPI 4 or 5, but I also accept standalone ones as well). I'm not looking 
>> for
>> human voices, I'm looking for more robotic ones (mainly formant or 
>> diphone). I
>> have a few, like Infovox 230, ELAN Sayso/Tempo, LOGOX, and TruTalk. One 
>> synth
>> I'd love to collect is one called FlexVoice, which was made by MindMaker, 
>> the
>> same company who made the TruVoice version of TextAssist. Two ones that 
>> I'd
>> also like to collect include CyberTalk by Panasonic, and Lucent TTS by 
>> AT&T
>> Bell Labs (I also will collect any other rare synth (but not emulated 
>> ones like
>> on MAME). If anyone has any of these software synths or other ones I'd be
>> interested in, please contact me off-list. Thanks.
> What is your goal in "collecting"?
> Do you want to *use* them?
> Evaluate their quality/performance?
> Or, just claim to have a big collection?
> Note that if you are collecting without intending to actually use
> or evaluate, then there are many candidates that you can add to
> your collection.
> If, on the other hand, they actually have to be able to *speak*,
> then you are limited to functional devices/products.
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