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Aksel Leo Christoffersen aksel at blindsigtmail.dk
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Hi again,


I've trieds looking the cable out on the site, but the shipping to Denmark
costs $123,89, and I can't afford that.


So, thanks for the reply, but I'm afraid I can't buy it.


If anyone else knows a place with cheaper shipping that sells the cable,
please let me know.


Best regards:

Aksel Christoffersen


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The following information is from 2003, but seems to still be pretty much
accurate. If you're outside the United States, I have no idea if this
company will ship to your country, but at least you'll know what to order
from somebody! Sorry I can't be more help, haven't needed to order any of
this stuff in ages.






Ok I just ordered some cables and an adapter.  I must say that the website
is very blind-friendly, just for future reference.  They do accept Visa,
Mastercard, Amex and Discover as well as purchase orders.  I think the
prices were the same as were reported in that Email.  To find the products
for the Dectalk Express, just go to www.stonewallcable.com.  There is a
search box on every page.  Just enter "mmj" without the quotes into that and
it will provide a list of a lot of cables and other stuff.  Use
Jaws/Wineyes/IE Find to find the specific part numbers, which are SC-7021
for the cable, and SC-9444-J for the adapter that converts the MMJ plug into
a DB9 plug that goes into your computer's serial port.  Each part number has
a link.  Click on that link and after the standard navigation and search
stuff it tells you what it is and has a quantity box.  For the cable, it
also has a length box which defaults to 10 feet.  This is before the
quantity box.  Change these as needed and click the button to add the items
to your cart.  If you have never shopped there before you'll have to
register but that is very simple.  Anyway just keep adding stuff until
you're done then click the Checkout button in the cart page.  Checkout is
very simple, just the standard stuff.
Hope this helps.

More info from a post I received follows:

Last February I did some research into locating such things as the cables,
connector, and battery pack for the DecTalk Express.  I had real good luck
on the cables, but the battery pack has turned difficult at best.  First the
good news and I am copying a couple of folks who requested this specific
Cable supplier: www.stonewallcable.com
The primary cable for the DTE is generically called an MMJ to MMJ, but
carries a DEC part number BC16E.  The part is usually ordered as a BC16E-10,
-25, or - whatever, where the "-XX" indicates the length in feet. Stonewall
Cable uses a part number is SC-7021 and then you tell them how many feet you
want it to be.  I chose to get a 10 foot.  The pricing is $5.50 plus 20
cents per foot, ergo a 10 foot cable was $7.50.
Next we have that funky little connecter that you can't buy at Radio Shack.
Generically this is called an MMJ to DB-9F.  The DEC part number is  DEC
H8571-J and the Stonewall Cable part number is SC-9444-J.  The price on this
piece is $12.95. Shipping is whatever you want, but I like and they will
provide USPS Priority Mail at the reasonable rate of $7.85 (this was last

I was going to order up a batch of cables and connectors, but when no one
found an immediate need last Feb. I dropped the idea.  It's probably just as
well that each person handle there own.  Stonewall takes credit cards and
their phone number is toll free 800-525-3303.  I loved there internet order
form, but I also have the benefit of a couple of eyes.

If I come up with a reasonable solution to the battery problem I will send
it out.  $115.00 plus shipping for the battery pack is outrageous.

By the way, your savings by using Stonewall will be about $44, where
authorized DecTalk suppliers are quoting $50 for the adapter and $14 for the

On 1/23/2019 10:44 AM, Aksel Leo Christoffersen wrote:



I need to buy a new cable for my DECtalk Express. It's not the charging
cable, but the cable that connects the DECtalk Express to the serial
adapter. However, I don't know what the cable or plug is called.


Do anyone here know that, and where I can buy one?


Thanks in advance.


Best regards:

Aksel Christoffersen

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