[DECtalk] singing Dectalk and NVDA

Mohamed malhajamy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 14:58:29 EST 2016

Or you could, if you'd like, just install the add on on Jeff's site, 
that one is pre built, and the code is already removed.

On 02/15/16 09:02 PM, Blake Roberts wrote:
> Thanks for the specific instructions. I somehow managed to temporarily 
> break NVDA. Perhaps I deleted the wrong line in the dectalk.py file 
> located in
> %appdata%\nvda\addons\dectalk\synthdrivers
> after editing it in WordPad. In any case, I will be reinstalling NVDA 
> and attempt to make the DT nvda add-on sing on another day.
> Blake
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> It's in addons\dectalk\synthdrivers, not in synth drivers. The code is 
> commented in the .py file itself, so it should be easy to find. Also, 
> about the symbol pronunciation dialog, it has 3 combo boxes for 
> symbols. The symbol, its replacement, and preserve. If you want 
> something to go to the synthesizer, the combo box itself is labeled 
> "send actual symbol to synthesizer", you set it to always for the 
> proper symbols. Or, if you would like a dictionary pre built, there's 
> one at http://jeff.tdrealms.com/NVDA.htm. Just find the addon labeled 
> "singing dectalk", it contains instructions on how to get it to work. 
> And the shortcut to access the NVDA menu can be changed in input 
> gestures, in the filter by combo box, search for NVDA.
> On 02/15/16 05:36 PM, Blake Roberts wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am having trouble getting the Singing Dectalk NVDA add-on to sing. 
>> I tried following the instructions posted in September and archived here:
>> http://bluegrasspals.com/pipermail/dectalk/2015-September/004408.html
>> I can't find dectalk.py so that I can edit it and delete the line 
>> which prevents speech commands being sent to the synthesizer. Where 
>> is dectalk.py located? I already looked in the synth drivers folder.
>> I also have an NVDA question on Snoopi's behalf. He has the latest 
>> NVDA snapshot and the singing Dectalk add-on installed. Is it 
>> possible to set up a keyboard shortcut to load the NVDA menu? It is 
>> difficult for him to enter the NVDA menu using the standard command. 
>> It is also worth noting that Snoopi and I are both lost Re: the 
>> punctuations and symbols dialog box.
>> Blake
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