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Mon May 13 03:49:23 EDT 2013

Well, after much work and time on my hands, I was able to put together 
some pieces using QWS as a sequencer, harmonised the song and imported 
it into Vocaloid. Unfortunately, as you are about to see, the Lilly 
voice goes uh, since it is Japanese. I have not been able to find any 
accessible way of changing the voice for each track, nor how to put 
words into each note of each track or how to change from track to track. 
I was lucky I was able to normalise the notes on each track by playing 
them until the message about notes overlapping vanished.
Has anyone actually been successful in using Vocaloid? I found quite a 
few on the DECtalk archive and was wondering how they managed to use it. 
I use NVDA by the way.
Well, here is, an attached mp3.
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