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No, VocalWriter doesn't use DECtalk, I think it uses some of the Mac's 

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> Hello!
> As I understand, vocal writer is intended for writing songs using 
> If so, I don't think, that We must do it accessible, because programming 
> dectalk manually is much more flexible. You also can try to use libraries 
> for kontakt sampler such as East west symphonic choirs. To use kontakt 
> must have sonar and JSonar scripts. Also You should have native keys 
> scripts. As far as I know, the free lite version supports only kontakt 3. 
> you want to use kontakt 4 or 5, You must buy the pro version. These 
> don't support the symphonic choirs itself, so You just should load it to 
> kontakt sampler and then use special mfx plugin. This plugin is also not 
> scripted, but quite accessible. also support many other popular VST 
> Scripts are maintained primarily in Russian, but there is an English 
> version. To get lite version, try to use this link:
> http://www.nativekeys.mostinfo.ru/scripts/NativeKeysLite_x86_V1.28_ru.rar
> If this link contains only russian version, contact the main developer at 
> music888 at rambler.ru. His name is Victor Gorelov. He will be glad to help 
> you.
> Regards,
> Dmitry S. Budnikov AKA Allhp. 
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