[DECtalk] red dwarf, series 7, episode 2 complete!

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Hi to all,
I have finished Episode 2... Episode 1 hasn't been aproved by Jayson yet so
the message containing it is not yet sent. Hopefully this one will go
through ok as the file is only 32 kb, not 50.
Have fun listening to it! Let me know if Rimmer and Ace sound too close, I'm
sure we can make addjustments.
with all do respect:

Tamas Geczy,
Official Hungarian translation coordinator for the free NVDA screen reader.
If you wish to learn about the free screen reading product for
blind/visually impaired pupels alike, visit www.nvda-project.org
member of the Orange Rust robotics team at Orange high School. 
beta testing projects are currently being performed for Microsoft, NVDA,
X-sight-interactive,  and Code Factory. If you have any questions in regards
to beta teams and how to participate in one, please don't hesitate to ask.
Please note that I will not share with you valuable information which I'm
not allowed to because of a non disclosure agreement or other such beta
form. Discussions of piracy or other such illegal information will not be
dealt with. 
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