[DECtalk] Midi conversion?

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Thu Jun 2 10:42:51 EDT 2005

Nope, your message if you did send one earlier never got to the list.  I'm
still on the old DECtalk list over on Freelists, unless that one's been
officially terminated, so even if you sent it there I should have gotten it.
Actually, the way screen readers work is not by translating words to
phonemes, but just by you defining mis-spellings of a word which make the
synthesizer pronounce the word correctly.  E.G. DECtalk doesn't pronounce
Yahoo correctly, so I told Jaws to substitute the text 'yah who' whenever it
sees 'yahoo'.  That makes it work.
Don't know of any such programs for Linux, but are you on the Speakup
mailing list, or have you looked at Speakup?

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> First of all, last week I thought I sent a message to this list, but maybe
> still have an older address in pine?
> Now, I wonder if any1 has written any linux or even windows programs to
> the dec-talk dictionary without knowing all those phonetics?  Many
> screen-readers such as Vocal-Eyes, Jaws, and I think ASAP seem to handle
> conversion.  However, so far I don't know of any linux screen-readers
> have an exception dictionary?  I have the rt5 for linux and a new usb.
> in advance for any scripts, programs, ETC.  And no, I am not speaking of
> singing, just text processing.
> Hart
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