[Blindapple] Memories of BBS's

Blake Roberts BEarlRoberts at aol.com
Wed Jun 30 09:18:06 EDT 2021

I don't have any memories of bulletin board systems. However, a year or 
two ago I found one which is operational via Telnet. To my knowledge, 
BBS owner keeps it online so people can experience a BBS. In addition to 
bulletin boards (message area), there is also a download area and game 
room with a number of accessible games.

To connect to Reign of Fire BBS through telnet, use the following data.

host: rof.cnetbbs.net

Port: 2300

The BBS is free to join/use. I myself connect using the VIP mud client, 
but I'm thinking whatever method you use to access telnet should work 
with the BBS. Since this message with BBS connection details is probably 
off-topic for the list, I acquired permission from the BlindApple list 
owner prior to posting.


On 6/29/2021 1:26 PM, Jayson Smith via BlindApple wrote:
> Hi,
> Unfortunately, I got into BBS's in the Spring of 1990, so in 
> Louisville there wasn't much left for Apple II users. There was one 
> BBS run by the local Apple users group, but I have no idea what 
> software they used. I actually enjoyed BBS's more when we switched to 
> PC's because I knew I could actually use some of the programs in the 
> download areas.
> Jayson
> On 6/28/2021 10:35 PM, Joseph Norton via BlindApple wrote:
>> Hi listers:
>> I’ve been playing around with some BBS software, namely ProLine and GBBS.
>> I’m just curious if any of you remember what Apple BBS’s you’ve 
>> called into—not the systems, but, the actual BBS software.
>> While I knew about ProLine, I don’t think I dialed into a GBBS 
>> system, but, it’s been so long ago, I can’t remember.  I didn’t do 
>> much of that, because every Apple BBS I called into was a 
>> long-distance call, and, long-distance was not as cheap as it is now, 
>> nor was the Internet available to alleviate the problem.
>> I know it’s a long shot, but, I’m hoping some of you have a better 
>> memory than mine.  As someone said, ‘”everyone has a photographic 
>> memory; some of us just don’t have any film.”
>> Any recollections are appreciated.
>> Thanks!
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