[Blindapple] Apple IIGS emulation

Kyle kyle at free2.ml
Tue Aug 24 08:42:08 EDT 2021

Wow that did it! echoiiplus in slot 3 works like a champ with the DOS 
3.3 and ProDOS Textalker in -flop1 and with my ProDOS hard disk that 
starts Davex talking. Now if only I could get the GS Textalker system 
disk working. It still only beeps this low beep and then gives me a 
system bell when I press a key. I thought this was a result of trying it 
as a cffa2 hard disk when it is in fact an 800K floppy, but it's 
exhibiting the same behavior in -flop3 without a cffa2. The only 
difference now is that it is spinning the floppy drive and apparently 
reading something on the disk before the system bell instead of just 
silently running for half a second before giving me the system bell as 
it was doing when I had no floppies and only the cffa2. My apple2gs.ini 
is now only putting the echoiiplus in slot 3 and emptying all other 
slots. Is there something I should be doing to get this GS Textalker 
disk booted, a certain key I'm supposed to be pressing or something? 
Thanks for the help.


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