[Blindapple] reading hd files with mame

Kyle kyle at free2.ml
Sun Aug 8 16:50:32 EDT 2021

I don't remember how I got a hard disk image, but I do have a talking 
hard disk that loads Applesoft BASIC. It has Davex on it as well.

I was able to get my hard disk image loaded, but for some reason MAME 
doesn't like for me to specify my cffa2 in the apple2ee.ini file. I had 
to specify -sl7 cffa2 on the mame command line, and then it allowed me 
to specify the hard disk image using the -hard1 option. Now I need to 
figure out how to tell it to boot from the floppy disk so that I can do 
some other stuff with this hard disk image, like trying to get it to 
start the Davex shell instead of Applesoft BASIC. That may require 
reformatting it, but I definitely will want to be able to boot from the 
floppy before I do that.


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