[Blindapple] reading hd files with mame

Tiny Puppy-butchb wa0vjr at gmail.com
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I'd like that disk file.  I haven't run davex in years.  I have a 
hard drive for my 2e, but not sure what I did with the scsii 
control card for it.  Thanks

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First, I do know that a different controller is needed, although 
I don't
think it's in slot 6. If I remember correctly, it's recommended 
to put
it in slot 7, but I could be wrong. The controller you need is 
CFFA2, which I believe is a compact flash reader. Your disk image 
to have the ProDOS operating system on it. I recommend the Davex 
with ProDOS Textalker added. I have a floppy image of such a disk 
if you
need it.

My problem is that although I have set up a CFFA2 controller, I 
yet been able to specify a hard disk image on the MAME command 
Everything I read tells me to specify -hard1 <filename> on the 
line, or to specify the hard disk image in apple2ee.ini, but 
boots from the hard disk image, and I'm not able to see my hard 
image when I load my Davex floppy either.


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