[Blindapple] reading hd files with mame

Kyle kyle at free2.ml
Sun Aug 8 11:18:59 EDT 2021

First, I do know that a different controller is needed, although I don't 
think it's in slot 6. If I remember correctly, it's recommended to put 
it in slot 7, but I could be wrong. The controller you need is the 
CFFA2, which I believe is a compact flash reader. Your disk image needs 
to have the ProDOS operating system on it. I recommend the Davex shell 
with ProDOS Textalker added. I have a floppy image of such a disk if you 
need it.

My problem is that although I have set up a CFFA2 controller, I haven't 
yet been able to specify a hard disk image on the MAME command line. 
Everything I read tells me to specify -hard1 <filename> on the command 
line, or to specify the hard disk image in apple2ee.ini, but neither 
boots from the hard disk image, and I'm not able to see my hard disk 
image when I load my Davex floppy either.


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