[Blindapple] eamon games with mess apple

crystallogic at ca.inter.net crystallogic at ca.inter.net
Wed Dec 9 14:13:43 EST 2020

neat. I didn't know about this. I was enjoying a bit of Eamon Deluxe  
when I had my XP machine (not all that long ago really all things  
considered), but try as I might, can't get them to work in Windows 10  
without a dosbox emulation, which has its own complications that I  
just haven't bothered with. Good to know there's an alternative!

Quoting Erik Burggraaf <burggraaferik at gmail.com>:

> Sorry about that.  Try this.
> https://eamon-remastered.com/
> It is copied directly from my address bar.  Or google eamon  
> remastered and it will come right up with the eamon remastered  
> adventure list page.
> Sorry for the inconvenience.
> Erik
> Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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