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Mon Aug 3 19:32:19 EDT 2020

Hi all:


I have been in communication with Rob Meredith at APH, who did most of the
work on TexTalker GS and he has no problem with releasing it to the group.


His words were:


Yes, please release Textalker-GS 1.4 to the Blind Apple Group. Of course,
the lack of talk.init is not good for some.


The "TALK.INIT" file is used by GSOS to launch TexTalker gs from within the
system/system.setup folder.  However, he did give me binaries of "TALK"
which he said should be type "SYS" under ProDOS.  This, in turn, loads up
"TALK.0" the other component of TexTalker gs, and should be in the same
folder as the "TALK" file.


Here is a link to a Shrinkit archive with the files we have, so far.


He thinks it might be possible to recompile "TALK.INIT", but, is not sure.


There are several things TTGS is still not doing, and, I don't know if those
are emulation issues, or something else.


Anyway, here is a link to the Shrinkit archive containing these 2 files:




See the included README for some very sparse information.


You can use Ciderpress to extract the files, look at them or inser them into
a disk image.


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