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If you could put it in Dropbox that'd be great. I discarded your earlier 
message without first saving the attachment, so if you could put it in 
there, that'd be great.

Even if the message hadn't been too big and had gone through, it would 
have been rejected by a lot of ISP's, GMail in particular, since for 
security reasons many ISP's and Email providers won't accept mail with 
any form of executable code attached.

Hope this helps,


On 4/16/2018 5:42 PM, Jeff Weiss wrote:
> It should be on Dropbox, but I don’t think it is.
> I attempted to send
> sag-002.zip
> but the mail  service wouldn’t allow it.
> This Windows program will let you run the apple disks just by using a 
> windows open dialog.
> From it’'s menu you must first set up the .ini file with the path to 
> the executable for mess.exe.
> Then you can use the dialog to select a disk for drive 1, disk for 
> drive 2, save the state of your session, and then run the emulater.
> It just makes selecting the disks to be loaded much easier.
> You don’t have to save the state of your session unless you will be 
> coming back to the same disks and resuming where you left off.
> Jeff
> *From:* Erik Burggraaf
> *Sent:* Monday, April 16, 2018 1:55 PM
> *To:* Blind Apple Discussions ; Jeff Weiss
> *Subject:* Re: [Blindapple] ProDos Eamons
> Hi Jeff,
> Could you elaborate on the SAG program?  Is that a thing we can get 
> from the dropbox?  I am not currently subscribed or I would check on 
> this.  Is it an emulater like mess, or something altogether different?
> Thanks,
> Erik
> On April 7, 2018 5:51:31 PM "Jeff Weiss" <jeff-weiss at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>> Attached is a file called
>> Prodos Eamons.zip.
>> This is a collection of the master disk and some adventures that were 
>> modified by Larry Skutchan.
>> The disk includes:
>> master.dsk which should be placed in drive 1.
>> Adventures go in drive 2:
>> Abducters.Qrtrs.dsk
>> Beginners.Cave.dsk
>> Caves.Mondamon.dsk
>> Clone.Master.dsk
>> Devils.Tomb.dsk
>> Fueys.Castle.dsk
>> Heroes.Castle.dsk
>> LifeQuest.dsk
>> Magic.Kingdom.dsk
>> Merlins.Castle.dsk
>> Minotaurs.Lair.dsk
>> Molinars.Tomb.dsk
>> Orb.Of.Polaris.dsk
>> Quest.Trezure.dsk
>> Training.Ground.dsk
>> Treasure.Home.dsk
>> Zyphur.River.dsk
>> Besides the master and 17 adventures, there is also:
>> CONVERT.dsk which boots and has utilities and instructions to convert 
>> dos eamons to ProDos.  I have tried a few, but I have not been 
>> successful yet.
>> READ ME.TXT which contains instructions for converting disks.
>> Eamon Manual.txt which has instructions for playing the game.
>> These files are also on dropbox, unger games.  I put them in a new 
>> folder called
>> Eamon 140K Disks.
>> The way I use the disks, is to use the sag program,
>> place the master in drive 1
>> place an adventure in drive 2
>> set the state if you wish.
>> When you are ready to go on an adventure, you can enter
>> the slot and drive, or the name of the disk.
>> I just use the slot and drive—so I enter
>> 62
>> This indicates slot 6, and drive 2 for the adventure.
>> I’ve tested these a little and they seem to work.
>> Try them out, and if anybody wants to convert some more dos eamons to 
>> prodos, please send them in.
>> enjoy.
>> Jeff Weiss
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