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I just want to say that this is the best text file reader for the Apple
II in my opinion. The Echo Textalker disk comes with a text file reader
which is OK but not great. What I do, as I posted earlier, is put the
Menu Reader disk in drive 1 and the disk of text files I want to read in
drive 2. I boot the DOSMenu disk. Unfortunately, a minor complaint I
have is it doesn't work with ProntoDOS. If you try it, it appears to
work but either files are never loaded (you wait forever and never hear
the file read) or what it reads is corrupted. That means only normal,
slow DOS 3.3 works reliably. A workaround for this is to press
Scroll-Lock, F10, and F10 again as soon as the article starts. Press
Scroll-Lock again to go back to the emulated keyboard. Articles load
much faster that way. Another trick is to speed up the disk drive motor.
I don't remember the poke offhand but it's in one of the magazine
issues. I haven't tried other fast DOS operating systems. I've only done
limited ProDOS experimentation. Thanks for an excellent reader, well
worth the purchase price at the time.

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