[Blindapple] aTalk for 1987

Jeff Weiss jeff-weiss at sbcglobal.net
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    Attached is 
which contains the 1987 issues of aTalk. Just unzip the file, and add the 4 issues to your aTalk folder.
Here is a brief description of what is in each issue.

                A-Talk #9, February, 1987
Remove Speech--utility program
CAT--utility program
Password Modem Review--hardware review
Error Handling--article
Free Sectors--utility program
Dos Util--utility program
Great Escape--adventure game

                  A-Talk #10, May, 1987
Computerized Reference Library--article
The Beagle Compiler--software review
Laser 128 Review--hardware review
Echo II b Review--hardware review
Speak Up--comments from readers
Prodos Peeks and Pokes--article
Append all Text--utility program
Amper.Int--utility program
Planets Info--educational program
Table of Elements--educational program
Ram Disk--utility program
Number Guess--game

                A-Talk #11, August, 1987
Dos and Files--article
File Finder--utility program
Local Computer Club--article
Change Basic with Prodos--article
Data.Init--exec program
Prodos and Dos on the same disk--article
Speak Up--comments from readers
Math Decathlon--educational game
Undelete--utility program

               A-Talk #12, November, 1987
Prodos Commands--article
Print All Text--utility program
Using and Copying Disks--article
Escape.Quit.Cat--prodos exec program
Using the Quit Code--article
A 3.5 Inch Disk Drive--hardware review
Lunar Lander--game
Song Generator--program to create music
Shaving Cream--music
Celeste Music--music
Basic Commands and Errors--computer education program

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