[Blindapple] Notes about the SC Macro Assembler manual

Jayson Smith jaybird at bluegrasspals.com
Thu Jul 27 19:27:12 EDT 2017


I just thought I'd share a few observations about SCMASM10.txt in that 
zip I uploaded last night. This is, in fact, the manual which will give 
you a good feel for the system. However, it was written before the Apple 
IIe existed, so assumed an Apple II or II+. The II and II+, as far as I 
know, don't have up and down arrow keys. Also, the often mentioned 
Autostart ROM is a feature of the II+. If you have an II, when you turn 
it on, nothing happens. You have to hit Reset, then the system beeps and 
you're left in the monitor. From there, Ctrl+B gets you into the 
built-in Integer Basic. From there, you can write programs, or load them 
from cassette. When the Apple II first came out, there was no disk 
system available, so your mass storage was cassette tapes. The Apple II+ 
changed all that. As soon as you turn an II+ on, it beeps, then starts 
looking for disk controller cards. If it finds one, it passes control to 
the firmware on that card in order to load the operating system from 
disk. If not, it drops you into the built-in Basic, now Applesoft.


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