[Blindapple] Cheeziest Adventure of a Lifetime

Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
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As I previously stated, I welcome any modifications. I have no programming
knowledge at all. The game is multiple choice, like a Choose Your Own
Adventure book. The game might be of interest to some people on  this list
because one of your goals is to collect as many Apple2 software disks as you




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I might be able to take the original hello program and integrate textalker
into it.


On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 5:27 PM, Blake Roberts <beroberts at hughes.net> wrote:

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I found a text adventure Apple2 disk on Asimov called
Cheeziest Adventure of a Lifetime. I managed to make the game speak by
copying Textalker and replacing hello. When I tried copying Textalker load
code into the unmodified disk's Hello program, the result was the disk
entered an endless "ready" loop after the game partially loaded
automatically. So I went back to my modified version with Hello replaced
completely. The modified version which speaks most game text is attached. To
start the game after the Apple boots, type:

run game

As I told Tony Baechler off-list, I found two points at which the game does
not talk. A. When the game ends. Control-c usually fixes this problem. B.
Mid-game you are asked if you want to call long-distance bulletin boards or
sleep. The only fix I found for this problem was turning off the virtual
apple. Most of the choices in-game do talk. If anyone i.e. Tony would like
to try modifying the game code in an effort to fix these no-talking
situations, feel free.

Here is a link to the nontalking version if you need to see the original
disk's Hello program.




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