[Blindapple] Speech Utilities Disk, revision 2 is ready

Brandon Cross bcross3286 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 23:41:07 EDT 2017

So the disk that I released that had the two programs is now in revision
two. There is now a menu, and all programs when they terminate will call
the menu again. The same two programs are there, but they now have a bit of
intraductary text at runtime. There is a 3rd intro option, which launches a
new program on the disk, and gives a bit of info about the other programs.
At the end of this, you'll find a phoneme demo, of what can be done using
the phoneme mode of the Echo.

Todo list
1. have each program forgo the startup text after you've run it at least
once per boot of the machine
2. add a copy utility to the disk
3. perhaps add a lightweight word processor, if there is sufficient space.
4. Add a program that recalls phonemes from a texdt tile and reads them
line by line.

User feedback welcome, let me know what else I should do. I'll give it my
best shot, I'm not a coder really, and I'm surprised this is working to be
quite frank about it.

The link is https://www.dropbox.com/s/rv27pesi12sibwc/useful.DSK?dl=1
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