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I had a disk with Math Decathlon on it.  It had four other games on it as well: Word scramble, Matches, Tax Man, and Hangman.  The disk had Text Talker 1.3 on it.  I think it was the only disk I had with 1.3.  I think I still have that disk around here somewhere.  Though even if I found it, I have no working Apple 2 equipment to make disk images.

> On Jul 9, 2017, at 6:39 PM, Byron Stephens <bstephens122874 at shaw.ca> wrote:
> Does anyone remember the musical math teacher game that would play things when you got an answer right? I had that on a few math compilation disks back in the day. Or how about add-libs? That was a game where you entered words it asked you to like an adjective, a noun, a verb and all that, and it would create a hilarious story with what you put into it. I remember a version of it I had was in integer basic. There was also math decathlon that was on it's own disk, and it ran textalker 1.3. I know censory ades put out a disk a long time ago that had a spelling test, an echo text triva type thing, a typing game where you had to enter the letters or words depending on the lesson you ran, and at the speed you specified. There was also another spelling test game I used way back then called mthspl, or math spell it was short for, and that was on some sort of language arts disk I had that my teacher's ade at the time put together.
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