[Blindapple] new member and reading archives

Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
Mon Jul 3 14:45:33 EDT 2017

Hello Jeff,

Welcome to the Blind-Apple list.

I also created a batch file for launching a disk image. I find a batch file
to be more convenient than typing the command at a dos prompt every time I
want to use the emulator.


You might be able to extract a .tz file using the free 7-zip utility. It can
open/extract many compressionformats.

http://www.7-zip.org <http://www.7-zip.org/> 


Disk images can be found online from various sites. For example:




These disks probably won't boot up talking. However, it is possible to add
TexTalker and the necessary Hello program from a talking disk onto a
non-talking disk using a utility called CiderPress. I have not yet figured
out what TexTalker/startup files need to be copied between ProDos disks to
make ProDos disks talk.




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My name is Jeff Weiss and I just joined the blind apple list.

I used to publish a disk magazine for blind Apple users originally called

Apple Talk.

Due to a problem with licensing Dos for the magazine, I later changed the
name to


First, how do I read the archives?  I downloaded some files that end with
.gz.  I guess this is some type of zip file, but where can I get the program
to unzip the files?


My next question is how do most of you boot your apple disks on the pc?  I
have started launching mine with batch files, which makes the process much
easier than typing out the entire launch commands.


Also, I think Jason said that there are additional disk images available.
Are they available for download, or directly from Jason?


That's enough for now, and I look forward to comments from other list

Jeff Weiss


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