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Jeff Weiss jeff-weiss at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 5 15:24:57 EDT 2017

Attached is a zip file of all of the 13 games disks in the aTalk Library which is called
These are all dos 3.3 disks with speech.
Here is my suggestion about how to launch these disks—of course you could launch these disks many other ways, but I find this to be convenient:
First, in your 
c:\messapple-win folder, create a folder called
and place the 13 games disks in this folder.  There will be many more disks coming in the future.
Here are the listings for two batch files to place in the main 
C:\messapple-win folder.
First is aTl.bat

@echo off
mess apple2ee -flop1 aTalkLibrary\%1.dsk

This would allow  the launching of one disk such as games1 by typing:
aTl games1

If you wanted two disks to be launched from the same folder, the first in drive 1 and the second in drive 2, you could use  the batch file called
@echo off
mess apple2ee -flop1 aTalkLibrary\%1.dsk -flop2 aTalkLibrary\%2.dsk
This could be used to launch two disks from the aTalkLibrary folder.
If you wanted to launch the Games1 disk and the Games2 disk, you could type:
aTl2 Games1 Games2

I hope you enjoy these disks.
Jeff Weiss

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