[Blindapple] live on-air demo of mess emulator interest?

Byron Stephens bstephens122874 at shaw.ca
Thu Aug 3 17:23:32 EDT 2017

The subject says it. In light of the wonderfull contributions as of late I was wondering if there would be interest in a live on-air demo of the emulator on my 80's broadcast? I do a show on dfrn, that's my server the drunken friends radio network, and I have a show I do from time to time called the 80's cafe, witch is everything 80's, not just music. That means if there's enough interest I can do a live demo of the emulator running a few of these disks live. When I broadcast the direct listen link is


I do have a twitter that I use when I let people know I do live shows, just follow drunkenfriends for anyone of you who use it.
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