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I know it is possible to load two disks into the Apple2 emulator and access
them. Is it possible to access 3 disks per David's question to Josh in the
below correspondence?




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hey david needs help. how do you change disks while in the emulator?

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Re: talking apple II


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David  <mailto:david at duxsys.com> <david at duxsys.com>


Josh k  <mailto:joshknnd1982 at gmail.com> <joshknnd1982 at gmail.com>


caryn at duxsys.com


If you send me your mailing address you can get my disk with Apple 2 
resources from Raised Dot Computing.
I am trying to play with the "mess" emulator, and I cannot get the thing to 
switch disks at all.
To run the "math menu" on BEX, you need to work with 3 different disks in 
drive 1.
In other words, you need to switch disks twice after booting up.
I hope that is not a showstopper.
-- David Holladay



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