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Josh k joshknnd1982 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 16:14:17 EST 2015

how to use ms-dos what you need
vmware player need 4.0 for pc speaker beeps, get from filehippo

python 2.6 or 2.7
com0com either from main site or google code com0com if using win7 64bit 
or later.
virtual image which includes the braille n speak speech server with 
espeak. all dos screen readers you must set up to use braille n speak on 


how to set up.
You need four things.

first, the dos with windows3.1 virtual machine image from


second, vmware player 4.0 from


third, you need python2.6 from


fourth, you need pyserial from


the download link is also there

fifth, you need com0com with signed drivers especially for windows7 from


or if on 32bit windows xp just normal com0com from


and virtual braille n speak speech server that is included in the 
virtual machine image rar file. 7zip that is free will unzip rar files 
for you.

oh yes and you need BFI to make floppy images. its a command line 
program. use it like this. say i want to make a floppy disk of all files 
in the folder c:\mygames

cd \bfi
bfi -t=7 -f=c:\mygames.flp c:\mygames

then mount the flp image as your virtual floppy drive in hardware 
settings of the dos vm. you do this in vmware itself. note that the dos 
vm can also accept .iso files its listed as drive d: usually. but 
floppies work best for installing stuff anyway.

Now follow these directions to set it up.
What you'll need
*python 2.6
*vmware player or workstation
How to set this up
1. install python 2.6, then pyserial and finally com0com
2. When you've installed com0com, go to its start menu group, and pick 
3. the tree view should be set for virtual pare 0.
4. Enter COM8 in the first field, and COM9 in the second field, then 
press space/enter on the apply button.
5. close the setup utility
Ok, the serial ports are now ready. Here is how you run the actual synth.
Go into a command prompt, then navigate where you've stored your 
"virtual bns" folder. IE
cd C:\bns
If you get a prompt such as
Then you're fine to actually launch the virtual braille n' speak. to do 
that, assuming you've installed python in the default location, you enter

C:\python26\python emu.py com9

After a few seconds, you should hear eSpeak say "ready". just leave the 
window open

Now, you can boot the virtual machine.  It has a copy of ASAP for dos 
access. (to run that, type C: to make sure you're on the c drive, then 
enter s.bat.)
It also has a copy of windows 3.1 with window-eyes 1.1. to run that, 
first make sure that you don't have ASAP running, then just type in win. 
you should hear a chime and speech should come on.

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On 1/5/2015 10:57 PM, Graham Pearce wrote:
 > Hi Josh,
 > I read about your BlindBargains ad about MS-DOS on Twitter.
 > I used to be heavily into DOS, especially GW-BASIC.
 > So, how do you get it to work on a modern PC?
 > Graham

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On 1/7/2015 3:34 PM, John Schucker wrote:
> It's in the readme.
> On 1/7/2015 14:29, Josh k wrote:
>> hey david needs help. how do you change disks while in the emulator?
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>> CC:     caryn at duxsys.com
>> Josh:
>> If you send me your mailing address you can get my disk with Apple 2
>> resources from Raised Dot Computing.
>> -----------
>> I am trying to play with the "mess" emulator, and I cannot get the 
>> thing to
>> switch disks at all.
>> To run the "math menu" on BEX, you need to work with 3 different 
>> disks in
>> drive 1.
>> In other words, you need to switch disks twice after booting up.
>> I hope that is not a showstopper.
>> -- David Holladay
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