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The appletalk magazines also did the same thing for each issue, but it's 
volume number changed with each one that came out.
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> Thanks for the information. I did go straight to the Apple/dsk folder,
> bypassing the HTML entirely. Yeah, I guess that was a bad idea lol. I'll
> look at the HTML as well as apple/docs. More of my questions should be
> answered there. Incidentally, as geeky as I was with the Apple //e as a
> child, I never thought the disk volume meant anything at all, and I
> certainly didn't think it would cause problems. I just listened to all
> the advice that said I shouldn't change it. It's only recently upon
> rediscovering the old stuff that I notice the problems that can arise
> from changing that volume number, and strangely, I still can't figure
> out why it was even present in DOS if all it did was cause problems if
> changed.
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