[Blindapple] Accessible games disks

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Thu Nov 7 03:41:41 EST 2013

Hi all,

As you probably know if you've looked at Asimov and Jayson's emulator disk
library, there are tons of disk images out there to sort through.  I've
begun going through some and have found a few games that talk, but aren't as
such on talking disks.  In other words, they work fine with Textalker but
aren't specifically made for the blind.  I remember some of them from a long
time ago while others are new to me.  Some require Integer and others don't.
 I was thinking that it wouldn't be hard to copy them to my own set of
talking game disks as I find them.  There are literally thousands of disk
images with public domain and free games on them, so it would be next to
impossible for one person to find only those games that talk without
spending many hours.  Believe it or not, I find it fun to sort through them.
 Even though Jayson doesn't give me credit, I was the one who sorted through
most of the disks in the emulator section of his site.  As I find games
which talk, I can copy them to my own games disks and share them so people
don't have to go through the same sets of disk images multiple times.  If
people are interested, I can either post them here as I finish them or I can
upload them somewhere.  I thought about setting up my own disk library for
the purpose, but if someone else already has something set up, no point in
reinventing the wheel.  Contact me if you want me to upload my talking games
disks somewhere or let me know if I should just post them here.  In other
words, I'm interested in an ftp account if there is a working disk library
server, but I can just as easily post disks here as I finish them.  They
would probably be in the form tbgam001.dsk and the games would be copied in
the order I find them.

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