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Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Tue Nov 5 03:07:33 EST 2013

Ah, that's right.  I had forgotten about the book.  I knew it was typed in
from somewhere.  The IF Archive has an MS-DOS version of all four games as
well.  Interestingly, I checked a different copy of the Echo Games disk from
another source.  Line 7380 looked right to me and running it produced no
syntax error.  It's possible that Jayson's copy is a different version of
the games disk or that it somehow got corrupted.  Since the games on the
disk from the other source appear to be identical, I can post it if people
want to compare.  I remember playing the game and not running into any
problems, but that was many years ago on a real Apple.

On 11/4/2013 7:01 AM, Kyle wrote:
> I am aware that some of the old games, including The Great Escape, have
> been typed into the computer from books and magazines. It is possible,
> in that case, that the errors I describe in the original post could
> indeed be typos or even publishing mistakes. Incidentally, The Great
> Escape came from a book by Delton T. Horn entitled "Golden Flutes and
> Great Escapes," which has some other games and programs in it as well. I
> do believe I recently saw this book on Asimov in pdf format. I also saw
> The Great Escape adapted for a couple of other BASIC dialects, including
> GW BASIC and something for one of the old notetaker devices. I
> downloaded it some years ago, but can't find it on the internet now. I
> had actually adapted it to run using Blassic, which is a rahther old and
> I believe no longer maintained BASIC interpreter for Linux/Unix systems,
> but I somehow no longer seem to have my adapted version, which I only
> changed slightly from the GW BASIC version I may still have somewhere on
> my hard drive.
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