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Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Mon Nov 4 03:30:07 EST 2013

I would be interested.  On Debian, the version of the package shipping
doesn't have Echo speech, so I would have to build it manually which I
really, really don't want to do.  It would be very helpful if you built a
static version which I could just unzip and run in Linux.  Actually, a
thought I had was to create a virtual machine with the Linux emulator, your
script, perhaps some kind of menu system and the talking disks.  That way,
people could run it more easily on whatever platform without having to deal
too much with command lines.  I hadn't seriously thought about it, but it
wouldn't be hard to do.  If you don't mind building from source and
statically linking, I would like a 64-bit version.  That would help me
immensely.  Even if I can't use it in Linux, I would like to look at your
script as Cygwin works pretty well here on Windows and your script would
probably still be helpful.  I wrote a batch file which kind of works, but I
don't like it and your script is probably better.

On 10/1/2013 11:35 AM, Kyle wrote:
> Hi all,
> I got the Apple emulator running in Linux. It's working very nicely in
> fact. I did need to pull down the sdlmess package, which I was able to
> get from the Arch User Repository, but other distros may need to build
> it manually. Once the sdlmess package is installed, I have a modified
> version that takes some stuff from the Mac version and some stuff from
> the Windows version and goes into ~/.mess. I also wrote a little shell
> script that simplifies the command line, and allows disk images to be
> run from anywhere. It can run from the home directory like
> ./apple bootdisks/disk1.dsk
> or
> ./apple bootdisks/disk1.dsk datadisks/disk2.dsk
> or to change disks
> cd disks
> ~/apple BEXBOOT.dsk mychapters.dsk
> Start the boot disk, initialize mychapters.dsk if it is a newly created
> blank, and then press delete, shift f7, 1, escape and run
> ~/apple -s 1 bexmain.dsk mychapters.dsk
> and then press the space bar to change disks. Yeah, this process is
> definitely simplified now, not so much typing lol. The script will even
> let the user know if mychapters.dsk didn't already exist, so that it can
> be initialized in the Apple.
> I will be zipping the file up in such a way that the zip file will
> extract everything properly into the user's home directory, and the
> ./apple script will just work. Before I just put this thingy up on my
> website and link to it here, is there a better place for it, like
> alongside the Windows and Mac versions? It doesn't have Mess built in,
> but I guess that could be an option to make it work for everyone if it
> can't be had without building it, although it would make the file a ton
> heavier. I would need to build 32-bit and 64-bit versions though, since
> it isn't fully known where it would be used. Additionally, building it
> in would take more time, as I would need to fiddle with it mor to be
> sure it runs properly if the package wasn't already installed.
> I'm just hoping that my little effort brings back all those memories for
> Linux users as it did for me. I don't use Windows or Mac, but I wanted
> to make this thing work, and it does so very well here. Thanks for any
> help getting it out there.
> ~Kyle
> http://kyle.tk/

Have a good day,
Tony Baechler
tony at baechler.net

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