[Blindapple] BEX 3.1

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sat Nov 2 10:09:09 EDT 2013

Hey thanks for the disks. I'm a bit surprised that although Textalker
has no problem loading and talking, the e1, e2 and mess configurations
skip running it for some reason, but your instructions did solve the
problem. Strange that I was able to use some of the pokes and peeks from
the earlier version of BEX as well as Talking Writer to get the
subroutine I added to Narf Hello to load textalker only when needed,
i.e. when an echo is installed and Textalker isn't already running. IN
fact, I believe it was BEX that gave me a poke/peek loop I was able to
use to check for the presence of an echo, although it is still confused
by the SAM card, which behaves in the same way when I poke into it. I
wonder what they did differently in this version. I need to copy this
Textalker onto that disk to see whether or not it still works.

As for Textalker itself, it looks like I'm still searching for the holy
grail, which is probably 3.1.6, although there was a post here
mentioning a 3.6, but that seems to be quite a bit of a version jump for
the early to mid 90's, considering the prior version numbers, which did
jump from 1.3 to 3.1, but I didn't recall the first or second number
jumping after that. If anyone anywhere has the latest versions of
Textalker for DOS 3.3 and ProDOS, either the APH Textalker disks or as
part of a larger program, and has the ability to make images, please do
send them to the list.

Thanks also for the ability to send attachments to the list. WOw! 1MB is
good. Zipped, I could probably get nearly 10 disks into a single
attachment that size, although I only have a couple of them that I'll
probably be attaching in the near future.
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